Young Farmers

Congratulations to the 2016 Missouri Young Farmers Scholarship winners

About The Missouri Young Farmers

~~The Missouri Young Farmers and Young Farm Wives organizations were formed in 1972. The organizations involve adults in educational and leadership activities at the local, district, state and national levels. Membership in the organizations is open to persons of any age. State activities include a two-day convention in February, a 2½-day agricultural tour in August and participation in the Governor’s Conference on Agriculture.

- Each chapter is tied in with its local adult Ag education program. The adult ag ed teacher serves as a advisor to the chapter, but the extent of the activities are completely up to the members of the chapter. Activities can include things such as educational classes, factory tours, fund raisers, social events, agricultural promotion, and much more. Many of the Chapters have recently changed their name to "ag leaders" instead of "young farmers" to help promote the fact that you do not have to be a farmer to be a member of this organization, there are activities that people from all walks of life can take advantage of.

There are about 40 local Young farmers chapters through out Missouri to locate one click HERE

If there isn't a young farmers program in your area and your interested in getting one going click HERE for more info