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The 51st National Young Farmers Institute  will be held in Savanna Georgia

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Our Objectives:

What is the Missouri Young Farmers, Young Farm Wives Association?

"Missouri Young Farmers is an organization meant to bring producers together for the purpose of improving our agriculture operations through education by our peers and agricultural business professionals. Learning from and communicating with our fellow farmers in our local areas and across the state is the key to the growth of agriculture and opportunity for young farmers to come."

Jordan Yoder

Former Missouri Young Farmers President

A New Generation of Farmers

Whether its on the national, state, area, or local level there is all ways something going on with the young farmers

The State young Farmers Newsletter gets mailed out twice a year in the spring and winter and there is a third issue that is only available on line


 The 2018 tour will be held in Westphalia , MO July 28-31

State Tour

The 2018 state convention will be held in Columbia MO February 2nd-3rd